Who are we

Desired FX (DFX) is a small company established in December 2020. We have a BIG VISION and MISSION, which is to make the make-up industry more eco-friendly, sustainable and affordable. We support small artists to work with us and give them commissions.

We can't do this alone. We need you to be part of it, which you already are! You made our day! There is so much more coming, and we are constantly inventing new ways to be more eco-friendly with sustainability in mind!

To help support us further, chat with us! Tell us what you think about the product? How can we do better? Please share and leave a review so more people can support us to keep us going!


Very realistic scar with Hollywood design standard


Art designed by small artists and cosplay tattoo


Ready-made prosthetic encapsulated cap plastic, silicone prosthetic

Very realistic scar with Hollywood design standard

People and culture

We support small artists, our temporary tattoo is more eco-friendly, recyclable and made with plant-based ink!